Legal advisory offer

  1. Ongoing legal services for entrepreneurs
  2. Ongoing legal services for local self-government units
  3. Preparation of legal opinions, counselling services and legal advice
  4. Preparation of drafts and negotiation of agreements/contracts
  5. Ongoing corporate services for joint stock companies
  6. Organisation and coordination within the legal aspects of companies’ creation, merger, reorganisation and liquidation
  7. Advisory and representation in bankruptcy and reorganisation proceedings of creditors and debtors
  8. Corporate and legal audits
  9. Representation before courts and administration authorities
  10. Enforcement of claims

Specialisation areas

  1. Tax law
  2. Commercial law
  3. Banking law and public trading in securities law
  4. Bankruptcy and reorganisation law
  5. Intellectual property law
  6. Administrative law

Tax advisory offer

  1. Tax advisory concerning ongoing business activity
  2. Tax planning for foreigners assigned to work in Poland as well as Polish employees working abroad
  3. Assistance in execution of fiscally optimal transactions and tax-law instruments, including those related to employment and remuneration
  4. Preparation of applications for an interpretation of tax law provisions
  5. Revision of contracts in terms of the accuracy of tax settlement and recognition of tax risks
  6. Development of transfer pricing documentation
  7. Due diligence audits and tax audits
  8. Representation before tax authorities and administrative courts